Hernan Borisonik / CONFIRM HUMANITY

There is an algorithmic entity that accesses all the information available on the planet. For it, the world
is a series of abstract data produced by the permanent measurement of each movement and translated simultaneously into numerical units that can be instantly merchandized and carried. In that world, smell and taste are lost and the eye organizes an ontology accessed by touching.

Technology is at the centre of events today. It can be conceived as a regulator of human life, as a producer of a new subjectivity or even as a source of faith and hope. Either the desert and the jungle,
the alphabet and the mirror, the essay and the automatic repetition, contemporary times permanently refers to a digital scene.

The image mobilizes desire, enchants, disconnects, disguises, deceives and traps. Who is behind the algorithms? Are there resistances that oppose them? The works that make up this exhibition face the virtual realm from a series of consecutive signals that project contemplation intervals and capture the remains of an era erected from the bit.